Monday, August 09, 2004


it is my impression that those who claim that one cannot show much if anything of morals in a rendering, say such because they do not have a clear understanding of just what constitutes moral statements, other than thru literature... it is very instructive, therefore, to remember that ethics or morals is the science of VALUES... i know i've said this more than once, but it bears repeating - because most persons have a confused understanding of just morals or ethics consists of... VALUES are what a person seeks to gain and/or keep... they are acquired thru choices... but the only values really worth seeking are VIABLE values... when i gave that list of alternative things to look for in assessing a rendering, those were value expressions, and the answering of which of the alternatives expresses the morals involved - and these are indeed applicable to ANY rendering, including still-lifes... in fact, historically, still-lifes were the most profoundly expressed renderings involving morals, wherein the symbolisms were often very blatent, even if the morals expressed were factually anti-human - that is, not in the best interest or well-being of the person... there's more to this of course [there's ALWAYS more], but the point which should be kept in mind is to consider everything in terms of VALUES - what is chosen to be put in or left out, where, how big or little, how clear or obstuse, and so on... once there is the understanding that the moral or ethical is the viable values chosen, then it becomes clear where and how to see the expressings in the renderings...

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