Wednesday, August 25, 2004

"Curse of Loneliness"

'curse of loneliness' Posted by Helloborder="0" /> for myself, one of the best ways to do this showing is thru the use of "Visioneer Windows"(c)(R), picture window sized murals with a vision of possibilities in them... I first had thought of this as if from one's habitat into another world, as a way of extending the room in which is hung the work... in most respects, this still rings true... but I have also noted that the use of metaphoric relationships in a 'grande landscape' mode allows me more in the way of abstracr contemplation wherein the vista shown becomes almost secondary to the theme/title... my fist foray into doing these murals is like that, after a fashion... called 'the curse of loneliness', it is the only 'pure' landscape I have done, and its relationship to the pro-human stance is directly thru the theme/titling - an expression of a negative that re-affirms the implied opposite, a strong positive... the act of the tree'reaching out' to the world beyond is an act of hope... it was a therapy work, done at a time I was being overwhelmed with a sense of isolation, and trying to break free of that depressing feeling... note, tho, that despite the depressingness that the work evolved from, it is not a depressing rendering... I discovered, somewhat to my astonishment, that my sense of life, my wisdom of life, is so fixed that even when I am down in the dumps [and everyone is at one time or another, sometimes several times], my work reflects what is indeed the most important - life affirmation... that is why, despite all the blue in the work [a reflection of my painting technique of glazing a la Max Parrish], the tree is vividly green leaved and a tan/brown trunk...

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