Friday, May 16, 2008

"The Individualist"

This is another one using those Walking Egg Cups of Carlton Ware in England... there was to be one more in the series - "The Marching Morons", but it is the same as this, save for the one cup not having outlandish socks.... so decided not to bother with it..... 10" x 20", this still shows the set as they actually exist, except of course for the one, seen in the close-up...... colored pencils on stonehenge paper..... other than this as another symbolism of conformity in society, there is little to add beyond the individualist is, as presumed, another 'self portrait'.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is actually a study for an upcoming color version of "Opening Ritual" - to be called "Opening, Ritual, Second Cup"...... but this can and does stand on its own...... all in stipple using FW inks and a crow quill nib....... is a somayaki heirloom, actually, from not long after the War, part II...

Saturday, May 10, 2008


This is a work a little different from my usual.... originally, it was to be an acrylic piece along with others done in the 11"x14" size back a couple years ago, but never gotten beyond the sketch phase..... so I decided to try doing it in colored pencil..... a pregnant woman looking out the window at what is seen in the pane's reflection, a shuttle lift-off, implying of course a link to one of those going up with her pregnancy, and the hopes of success for both...

"Opening Ritual"

The idea of this is in an obvious one - the use
of a cup, usually
one of coffee, on a shelf by a window, along
with a bonsai getting the morning light..... all in stipple
on a 20"x30" illustration board.... there is a formality
involved here, as seen in the visual, as well as in the
use of 'ritual' in the title.... other than the cup, which is a
somayaki cup, one of several I own, all is imagination, tho
inspired by real-life bonsaii and curtains.....