Tuesday, August 03, 2004


good art is totally secular... one can project, thru various degrees of imagination, possibilities - but these have to be grounded in reality... in any case, as said before, there are unlimited possibilities... one can, however, set some limits by establishing the sphere or sector which most intrigues - still lifes, grand landscapes, and so forth, for instance - perhaps because of the specific challenges involved, or personal limitations, or combinations... or one can, as i presently do, be open to all areas, letting them fall as they may as they come to my attention... remember, as Rand said, 'the basic purpose of Art is NOT to teach but th SHOW - to hold up to man a concretized image of his nature and his place in the universe...'... the ethics involved is in that aspect of how the artist selects, being that '...according to the artist's fundamental view of reality'... this personally involves the sense of living in a world wherein my values have been successfully achieved - that world as shown in my renderings... that it why altho i have certain preferences, grand 'picture window' landscapes being foremost, i have chosen for now to sort of 'jump' all over the board, so to speak, in order to provide examples of a number of the various possibilities... the differences in rendering sizes also have a bearing on the work at hand - indeed, sometimes have found that the original size was not merited by the work in question, and have had to either redo the mock-up sketches, or rethink the whole thing altogether... some might consider that this 'jumping around' is a problem, but i consider it as a consequence of the fact that there's an immense curiosity about a great many things... so, never is known from one day to the next just what new curiosities may be manifested and in what way - and the subconscious is let to do its own work, with the consciousness analyzing the results when it comes forth...and i think this is true of all rational persons, even those who have laser-like devoted themselves to single pursuits... in one respect, at least, this is an advantage... there is greater diversity... not only that, thru the use of different angles on a theme [using, for instance, theme/titles that are conceptually similar], i can show greater use of metaphors in being able to show relationships across a wide range of emphasises that might not occur to a person otherwise - thus enabling and enriching both my own understanding of the universe, and the viewer's...in a way it's like science - a process of discoveries...

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