Friday, June 25, 2004


one of the major problems most persons have is their unknowingness at the true importance of thinking... it is, most often, given the sense that it is a 'necessary evil' which is to be used only when and where it's absolutely having to be... otherwise it's 'on the shelf', and the emotions are given so-called free reign... unfortunately, this does not work for being truly human, for it disavows the very means by which one knows - one's reasoning power, that ability to think... consequently, the sense of life suffers in its integratedness, having gathered within itself a conglomeration of odds and ends which have no bearing on the pro-humanness necessary for creative consistancy... as a result, while an artist can put forth composed scenes to work on, there is a lack of enough focus to make it difficult, if not impossible to understand WHY those scenes were chosen - what it was that made them seem important, at least important enough to bother with the effort of rendering them... along with this is the styling involved, with that same lack of focus parlaying itself into the means by which these scenes are visualized - their clarity, for instance... their color arrangements, for another... even their compositional structuring - the emphasizing of this over that, or from this angle rather than that one, or that one... to fully understand what it is that one is doing when involved in rendering, there must be something more than merely sense of life - it just isn't enough, if great works are to come about...

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