Wednesday, June 23, 2004


one of the problems in dealing with aesthetics is that it is not usually taught as part of art courses... indeed, it seems to usually be frowned upon, and the advice given an artist-to-be is to render as one feels... then there is the turning to techniques as if that basically were all there was to the whole thing - leaving the aspiring person often to flounder in mediocre works for lack of understanding of the fundamentals behind any rendering... composition is the 'order of the day', as it were, with 'scenes' being the most one is expected to do - unless, of course, there is the divulging into propaganda and similar 'message' works... the most a consciencious artist could, then, expect to do in the way of 'more' to the work is to invoke a 'sense of life' about the renderings, and leave it go at that... but while 'sense of life' is a good aid to crystalizing some of the general viewing of what to render, it does not satisfy the one who seeks a full clarity about the works at hand...

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