Thursday, June 24, 2004


what is a 'sense of life' ?... it is the psychological form in which is expressed the artist's FUNDAMENTAL views of importances, the form in which they're integrated and retained... it is, as such, the emotional response to the way one looks at oneself and how one sees that self relating to the world around... the problem with just using it is that a sense of life doesn't answer 'why'... an emotion is, as Rand pointed out, not a tool of cognition - you don't gain knowledge with it, only an appraisal, which may OR MAY NOT be correct... and having emotions about things without really knowing WHY those particular emotions for those particular things leads to an inability to express the best within the artist... there is a fuzziness and ambiguity involved which dilutes the concentrated effort to creating a great work, as opposed to ordinary or mediocric works... what, then, would be better?

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