Thursday, July 08, 2004


most artists, however, are not philosophers... most, indeed, are not even aware of the importance philosophy has on their field of endeavor... they are, therefore, left with just their sense of life to guide themselves...but, because we are cognitive beings, we HAVE to have a philosophy, SOME sort of integrated view of existance - there is no choice in this, since it is in our nature... the only choice we do have is whether to consciously choose that philosophy, integrating it according to the facts of reality, in a NON-CONTRADICTORY manner - or to acquire it according to a collection of assumptions, traditional notions, myths, with a few facts thrown in [since it is impossible to totally avoid dealing with reality], creating a contradictory-laden view which does not allow you to know which parts are for real and which are false, and which are down-right harmful [which is to say how most persons hold their philosophy, even if they are not really aware of it as being a philosophy, and call it something else - say, a religion]...

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