Thursday, July 29, 2004


in literature, there are several ways of intensifying connotative usage... there's, basically, imagery, metaphor, similie, personification, synecdoche, metonymy, symbolism, allegory, paradox, overstatement or hyperbole, understatement, irony and allusion... obviously not all are applicable to rendering... some overlap - synecdoche and metonymy are almost alike, and not particularly adaptable to rendering, at least not in a primary or major way... same, too, with similie, which is an explicit version of metaphor... hyperbole and understatement might best work with style rather than with fundamemtal substance... the same with irony and allusion, which is a form of symbolism, as is also allegory... paradox and personification might work, but better as secondary rather than primary... this leaves three as primary means - imagery, symbolism, and metaphor... as a rendering is itself an imaging, there is therefore no separate dealing with imagery in a painting... because a rendering is a SELECTIVEness in its creation, EVERY object within it is automatically a symbol to some greater or lesser degree...  this leaves the metaphor - which is a comparison between objects or things which at first glance seem essentially UNlike...

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