Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rite - 4

Almost done with the figure - just the head to do... refinement will come later, when the trees and snow are laid in... as one might notice in this WIP, this figure is not just a nude, but a naked woman - that is, her sexuality is very present... properly, this is as it should always be, for such is how humans are born, naked and it is our naturalness which as humans we should proudly carry thru our lives - and if to some this is somehow a so-called obscenity, those are the ones who suffer moral degeneracy, not just in their [bottom line here] hatred of the human, but in their gall of seeking to force that to others... this is not a light matter - it has already been claimed against "First the Sand...", where the hairy pubes of the woman bent over making sand castles are clearly shown [tho no more so than any other part of her body in such a position]... for sure, tho, I will not let dog mentality dictate my art....

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