Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Rite of Spring"

Have decided to begin showing works in progress, as much to keep aesthetic matters more at hand as to enliven this blog, allowing more focus on issues where needed to be seen... this hs the preliminary sketch... originally it was to be a large rendering, on the order of 48"x96", but events of one kind or another have caused it to be reconsidered such that now it is to be done on a 32"x40" scale... all in stipple, with the shoot being in color... the original idea was to have the figure colored, too - chocolate - and indeed it may end up as an overlayering when the work is otherwise done... only the figure, btw, has been transferred to the board - the trees here will just be as guides, and this whole section here will comprise the upper right of the board, with the fore trees forming a line leftward to the edge... and a distant cityscape will be seen behind this, with a snow ledge between them...

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