Friday, April 14, 2006

"After the Haunt"

Posted by Picasa While this was done initially as a study of doing a straw broom, it quickly became, as so often it does to me, a themed work, this time being a gentle parody of William Harnett's famous paintings [he did two versions] "After the Hunt" and, since was doing a broom, decided to double play on the idea of witches - both the whisking and the post-Hallow'een - by theme/titling it as such... as doing old brick comes easy for me [these are of course all from my head], figured the broom would best be displayed as if hung from nail in brick wall, perhaps a side part of the chimney ... there is an intention of doing a full sized broom version, complete with hat hanging on another nail, with a bat hanging from that, a cloak also hanging, and perhaps a black cat hanging on that, reaching for the bat - all, of course, continuing the parody yet at the same time, being as detailed and b/w photographic as can be, a sincere appreciated tribute to Harnett...

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